Communicate your value

Creative branding that attracts and retains loyal patients.

Branding a dental practice is about more than just your logo. It’s about communicating your history, values and USPs through creative design. We work across all areas of branding and design to help revive existing practices or build new brands from the ground up. Our creative team will help you to tap into your brand personality to communicate your unique offering and reach more of your ideal target audience.

Names & Logos

Communicate more with less by choosing the right name and logo for your dental practice. Your logo should let your audience know exactly what they can expect when they book an appointment with you.

Website Design

Your website is often the first impression visitors have of your practice, so it needs to make a strong statement. Bespoke website design will help your practice to stand out from the competition and attract more patients.

Social Media Templates

Maintain a cohesive brand experience across all platforms with the help of beautifully designed social media templates. We’ll create a brand pack to help you look your best on every social media account.

Cohesive Design

Your branding should bridge the gap between your online and physical presence. We work with dental practices to ensure their in-practice branding is perfectly aligned with their digital presence.

Brand Tone of Voice

Working with our in-house dental industry specialist copywriter helps to give us a competitive advantage. We know how to sell the benefits of dental treatments, so patients feel empowered to make an informed choice.

Offline Design

We can assist with above and below the line marketing assets, ensuring a cohesive experience no matter where patients encounter your brand for the first time.

We build brands that patients love

Good branding is about more than just aesthetics. Dental practices trust us to tell their story through digital touchpoints, allowing them to speak directly to their ideal target audience. By speaking directly to these individuals, we can help them to support more patients in their journey to better oral health.

Our approach

It all starts with a discovery call to learn more about your practice and what you want to achieve. We’ll take you through our branding workshop to help you identify what you want to achieve with your new brand identity.

What you’ll do

We’ll invite you and your team to share your thoughts on what the brand means to you. This feedback is invaluable to help us define the look, feel and personality of your brand.

We’ll present a range of concepts that fit the brief. Once you’ve chosen your favourite concept, we’ll work on developing the design to create a suite of brand assets for use across all touch points.

What you’ll do

You’ll be asked to provide feedback on the concepts presented, so we can fine-tune the design to perfection. Communication with our team is always welcome as we guide you through the design process.

The chosen concept will be developed into a suite of brand assets for use across all touchpoints. This includes your logo, website design, stationery and social media templates.

What you’ll do

At every stage in the design process, we welcome feedback and insight. After all, this is your brand. We want you to love it as much as we do.

To ensure consistency across all touch points, we’ll provide you with a set of brand guidelines. This document will outline how and where to use your new logo, what colours to use, and how to apply the design across different platforms.

What you'll do

You'll be provided with a set of brand guidelines that outlines how and where to use your new logo, what colours to use, and how to apply the design across different platforms.

It’s finally time to launch your new brand. We’ll work with you to roll out the new design across your website and in practice. Our team can assist with above and below the line marketing assets.

What you'll do

The hard work is done, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the positive response from your loyal patients. We’re confident you’ll love your new brand identity, but we’ll be here to make amends if anything is amiss.

Time to invest in your practice?

We help dental professionals grow and scale profitable practices that attract new patients.

Any questions?

The process of branding a dental practice involves a number of steps, including discovery and strategy, conceptualisation, design development, brand guidelines and launch. Each step is important in order to create a cohesive and effective brand identity that will resonate with patients.

There are many benefits to branding a dental practice, including building trust and loyalty with patients, increased word-of-mouth recommendations, and a more professional appearance. A strong brand identity can also make a practice more memorable, making it easier for patients to find and choose your practice over others in the area.

Branding helps with online marketing by increasing visibility and memorability. A strong brand identity makes it easier for patients to find your practice online and can help create a more professional appearance that will build trust and loyalty.

The branding process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. This all depends on how quickly we receive feedback on the concepts, as feedback is an essential part of the brand design process.

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